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Paste Wizard
Version 9.2

Runs on 10.12.2+

Paste Wizard is an easy to use clipboard manager that allows you to save multiple clipboards and be able to paste them again later. It has the following advantages:

Paste Wizard allows you to display up to 99 clipboards (per set) in a compact manner, making it easy to quickly find which one you want to paste again. Paste Wizard recognizes certain types of text much like Apple's Data Detectors, and allows you to paste or operate on them in special ways. This feature is very useful when dealing with web or database forms that force you to type things like addresses, phone numbers or social security numbers in separate fields, or force you to enter phone numbers with just decimal digits. Furthermore, you can paste clipboards as unformatted text even if they are formatted. This is useful if you want pasted text to inherit the formatting of the application you are pasting into.

Macintosh Requirements

Paste Wizard runs on Mac Os 10.12.2+.

It is required that the keyboard shortcut on your system to paste is Command-V, and that the keyboard shortcut to copy by Command-C, the common defaults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Release Notes

1.0 - Initial Release.

1.1 - Bug fixes; updated Help.

1.2 - Feature enhancements:

1.3 - The helper application that launches upon login no longer appears in the Dock.

2.0 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

3.0 - Feature enhancements and bug fix:

3.1 - Not released.

3.2 - Bug fix and improved debugging support:

3.3 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

4.0 - Grid modernization:

4.1 - Fixed bug in saving grid changes after rearranging the grid by dragging.

5.0 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

6.0 - Feature enhancements and bug fix:

7.0 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

7.1 - Fixed update notification glitch.

8.0 - Universal Application and bug fixes:

8.1 - Compiled as non-Universal because Universal would not launch on M1 chip (thanks, Apple!)

9.0 - Major feature enhancements and bug fixes:

9.1 - Enhancements and bug fixes:

9.2 - Bug fix:

Paste Wizard Copyright © 2019-2021 John Woodward. All rights reserved.
You may distribute Paste Wizard unmodified via any media as long as it is kept together with its Read Me file.