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Password Wizard
Version 3.1

Runs on 10.12.2+

Password Wizard is a secure (AES-256 encryption) password manager that allows you to save user IDs, passwords and other sensitive information (such as social security numbers), optionally associate them with website URLs, and facilitate logging into websites.

Websites are constantly improving their security and, frankly, trying to defeat automatic user ID and password entry functions built into browsers. Therefore Password Wizard supports many options for user ID and password entry.

Password Wizard incorporates several advanced features not commonly found in other password managers, including:

Macintosh Requirements

Password Wizard runs on Mac Os 10.12.2+.

It is required that the keyboard shortcut on your system to paste is Command-V, the common default.

Frequently Asked Questions

Release Notes

1.0 - Initial Release.

1.1 - Bug fixes: 1.2 - Improved debugging information provided with Email The Author.

1.3 - Feature improvement and bug fix:

1.4 - Feature improvements:

1.5 - Feature improvement and bug fix:

1.6 - Feature improvement and bug fixes:

2.0 - Added support for Dark Mode on 10.14+

2.1 - Improvements:

  • Improved the duplicate icon.
  • Improved appearance in Dark mode.

2.2 - Updated Help.

2.3 - Improvement and bug fix:

  • Improved workaround for Mac OS 10.14+ Accessibility authorization.
  • Fixed bug in help display.

2.5 - Bug fixes:

  • Exported data now has a ".csv" extension.
  • Fixed bug producing csv exports with non-standard characters in the exported data.

3.0 - Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Added the ability to search backwards (shift-cmd-g)).
  • Added forward/backward search buttons to main window.
  • Added support for Touch Bar on MacBooks so-equipped.
  • Added ability to produce debugging information if you do not use a mail application.
  • Fixed bug in confirming deletes
  • Exported csv files now have the proper ".csv" extension.

3.1 - Improvement and bug fix:

  • Added ability to produce debugging information if you do not use a mail application.
  • Fixed Help buttons.

Password Wizard
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You may distribute Password Wizard unmodified via any media as long as it is kept together with its Read Me file.