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CAPS Wizard
Version 2.2

Runs on 10.12.2+

CAPS Wizard is designed for people who press Caps Lock by mistake, or for those who use type using Sticky Keys. It can SHOW you visually or otherwise WARN you under specified conditions.


A small arrow (actually the CAPS Wizard icon) that turns red when CAPS Lock and/or Shift are pressed. The arrow can be displayed in the Menu Bar and/or the Dock.

A square block that can display all modifiers. It can be displayed to the left of the Apple in the menu bar or in the Dock.

A LARGE almost transparent image in the center of your screen when CAPS Lock is pressed.


  • when you have turned on the Caps Lock and/or Num Lock.

  • when you have typed a specified number of keys with the Shift key (or Sticky Keys Shift) or Caps Lock and/or turned on Caps Lock. CAPS Wizard warns you regardless of what application you are typing into.

  • The warning can be visual, by flashing the screen or using Mac OS notifications, or audible with the sound and volume of your choice. Audible warnings can be continuous while Caps Lock is on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Release Notes

1.0 - Initial Release.

1.1 - Bug fix.

1.2 - Updated registration system.

1.3 - Corrected the version number in the Preferences and Help. No functional changes.

1.4 - The helper application that launches upon login no longer appears in the Dock.

2.0 - Functionality improvements:

2.1 - Improvements:

2.2 - Updated for Dark Mode on 10.14+.

CAPS Wizard Copyright © 2019-2020 John Woodward. All rights reserved.
You may distribute CAPS Wizard unmodified via any media as long as it is kept together with its Read Me file.