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May 10, 2017

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Paste Master is an easy to use clipboard manager configured by a preference pane that allows you to save multiple clipboards and be able to paste them again later. It has the following advantages:
  • Compact grid display allows you to see and select from many saved clipboards at once.
  • Handles all types of clipboards.
  • Clipboards produced by automatic typing utilities (like TextExpander, Butler, TypeIt4Me, Typinator, Keyboard Maestro, 1Password, etc.) are ignored.
  • Recognition of special text types in clipboards allows convenient pasting or operation.
  • You can quickly search the grid to find clipboards you want.
  • You can edit text clipboards you have already saved.
  • You can lock clipboards so they are not displaced by new ones.
  • You can delete individual, unlocked, or ALL saved clipboards (for example if they contain sensitive data).
  • You can paste multiple clipboards rapidly through three different mechanisms.
  • You can securely and easily fill in forms.
  • Clipboards are also optionally available from an icon in the menu bar.
  • Security features allow you to minimize sensitive data lying around in saved clipboards.
  • You can maintain multiple sets of clipboards for different purposes and with different security settings.
  • You can quickly enter notes directly into clipboards for later use.
  • You can encrypt your saved clipboard contents.
  • You can use Dropbox to synchronize yout clipboard contents across multiple machines.
Paste Master allows you to display up to 99 clipboards (per set) in a compact manner, making it easy to quickly find which one you want to paste again. Paste Master recognizes certain types of text much like Apple's Data Detectors, and allows you to paste or operate on them in special ways. This feature is very useful when dealing with web or database forms that force you to type things like addresses, phone numbers or social security numbers in separate fields, or force you to enter phone numbers with just decimal digits. Furthermore, you can paste clipboards as unformatted text even if they are formatted. This is useful if you want pasted text to inherit the formatting of the application you are pasting into.


Recognition Of Special Text Types

Paste Master allows you to copy numbers in several different formats and paste them in their current form, as separate fields, or as fields together. Pasting as separate fields means that tabs are typed between the fields to move to the next field in the form. Thus, a phone number like:

(202) 345-6789

can be pasted as:

or as:

In addition, Paste Master recognizes URLs and allows you to go to the URL in your default browser or paste the URL as a TinyURL.

Paste Master currently supports several types, with special handling as shown below. Each type is denoted with a letter in a colored background for easy identification of types.

Type Examples(s) Special handling

Number 202-345-6789 Paste as individual fields, or as just the digits
789-456-1234 x5678

(202) 345-6789

(789) 456-1234 x5678

02 1234 5678

234-23-0500 (e.g., an SSN)

Multiple xcy-kjy-oiuy-po34 (e.g., registration code) Paste as individual fields or with fields together

Multiple John Woodward
Paste as individual words

(3 lines)
Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500
Paste as an address into address form fields (name,
address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip code),
with address line 2 blank

(4 lines)
John Woodward
XYZ Company
123 Whatever Street
Somewhere, ST 01234
Paste as an address into address form fields (name,
address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip code),
with address line 2 filled in

Go to URL in default browser (if you are connected to the web)

Paste as a TinyURL (if you are connected to the web)
Create Multiple Clipboards -- 1 clipboard per item (items are separated by tabs or ends of lines)

All text types can also be pasted unformatted.

Using Clipboards From Grid

Here is an example grid display of multiple saved clipboards that show how the special types are designated. You display or hide the grid with a hot key you designate (default command-/). You can also hide the grid with the escape key, by clicking on the close (red) button, or by clicking outside the grid (unless you are in Paste Multiple Mode or Drag Mode).

As you move your cursor over the grid, the background of the item you are pointing to turns light blue to track the cursor.

If a very long textual item is in a clipboard, you can hover your mouse over item and more of the text (as much as will fit) will be shown. If you hover your mouse over an image, a larger size of the image will be displayed (up to full size, as much as will fit). Some clipboards contain both an image and text:

  • An image copied from Safari by right clicking and choosing "Copy Image" displays the image in the grid (or menu bar icon), but if you hover over the image in the grid, its URL (also saved in the clipboard) will be displayed.
  • If you copy a single Finder item, its icon is displayed, but if you hover over it in the grid its name is displayed.
  • If you copy multiple Finder items, the image shown at the right is displayed, but if you hover over it in the grid all of the copied filenames are displayed.

You click a clipboard or type its number to paste it. Only the first 9 clipboards have a number, shown with a yellow background.

Clipboard 2, marked with a , has been recognized as multiple words, so command-clicking (by default) pastes each word in a different field, tabbing in between. This feature would be useful for pasting a name into separate first and last name fields.

Clipboard 3, marked with an , has been recognized as having multiple fields (like a registration code), so command clicking pastes each field separately.

Clipboards 4 & 5, marked with , have been recognized as numbers, so (by default) command-clicking pastes as fields, or option-clicking (by default) pastes all digits together.

Clipboard 6, marked with , has been recognized as a URL, and you can go to that URL in your default browser or paste it as a TinyURL (if you are connected to the web).

Clipboard 7, marked with , has been recognized as an address, and can be 1) pasted as such into a form with multiple fields for an address or 2) made into one clipboard per line, (added in addition to the clipboard containing the full address).

Clipboard 8, marked with , has been recognized as having multiple items in it (with individual items separated by tabs within a line or by ends of lines). Such a clipboard can be used to create one clipboard per item, (added in addition to the clipboard containing the multiple items).

Right-clicking any clipboard shows you all the options for that clipboard and allows you to choose:

Using the contextual menu for a clipboard, as shown above, you can paste clipboards per the table above, lock or unlock the clipboard, or delete the clipboard. Key modifier Shortcuts let you easily choose among the menu items above when clicking.

Searching Clipboards

If you type text in the search field, clipboards matching the text are turned to a light green background, as shown at the right. Searching occurs as you type, but while you type the yellow digits disappear because typing those digits does not paste while you are typing in the search field, and mouse movements over the grid (such has hovering to see more of a clipboard) do not work. Pressing return exits the search field, restores the hovering and the yellow digits, and allows you to paste by typing the digits. The text in the search field is persistent--it applies to clipboards added to the grid after the text is entered, and is saved across restarts and clipboard set switches if you are saving passwords.

The Grid Menu

Using the pulldown menu in the upper left of the grid, as shown at the right, you can show help below the grid that reminds you of grid usage and the key modifiers (shortcuts) you can specify when clicking in the grid. You can also open the preferences, delete unlocked clipboards, all clipboards, or unlock all clipboards.

You can also specify grid-specific options, including four grid sizes, with a default of "Normal", which is shown above. With the "Tiny" size, the lock icon is not shown, but locked clipboards have a white background.

You can also modify several general configuration options (that also appear in the preference pane, and apply to both the grid menu and icon menu).

You can also choose the clipboard set you want to display in the grid and icon menu. The default set, as shown at the right, is called "Main". Choose "Edit..." if you want to create, delete, or duplicate existing sets.

Finally, you can also turn on/off:
  • Paste Multiple Mode, which allows you to paste multiple clipboards without the grid disappearing after pasting.
  • Drag Mode, which allows you to drag clipboards to rearrange them in the grid or drag into specific places in applications.
  • Delete After Pasting Mode, which causes unlocked clipboards to be deleted after they are pasted.

Paste Multiple Mode

You specify that you want to paste multiple items while keeping the grid displayed by selecting Paste Multiple (command-M), which changes the grid menu button to as shown at the right to indicate you are in paste multiple mode, and the grid will remain displayed until you close it with the grid hotkey, the ESC key, or by clicking the red close button. Clicking outside the grid does not hide it in this mode, and if you bring another window forward while the grid is displayed, the yellow numbers disappear from the grid because typing those because would type into the window rather than pasting a clipboard.

You will remain in this mode until you select Paste Multiple (command-M) again with the grid displayed (even if you hide and redisplay the grid). When in this mode, you can type the tab key to tab in the window into which you are pasting. Also, if you reposition the grid in this mode, it will stay where you put it even if you hide the grid and redisplay it. When you enter this mode, a number of other options appear:
  • Tab After Pasting (command-T) makes it easier to paste into forms, because the next form field is automatically tabbed to after each paste. When this mode is on, the grid menu button changes to .
  • Show All Clipboards (command-A) is the default when in Paste Multiple mode, but if you have many clipboards saved, you may find it inconvenient because the grid blocks the window into which you are pasting.
  • Show Only Locked (command-L) shows only locked clipboards, in case you locked them because you paste them often. You might use this to paste you name, address, phone number, etc. This option is available only if you have locked clipboards.
  • Show Only Recent (command-R) shows only the last 9 clipboards, which can be pasted easily by typing 1-9.
  • Show Only Recent and Locked (command-B) shows both of the above.
  • Use Fewest Rows Possible lays out the grid with clipboards going across and uses as few rows as possible. The idea is to make the grid thin and able to be moved to the top or bottom of the screen to allow easy access to windows on the screen while the grid remains displayed.
  • Use Fewest Columns Possible lays out the grid with clipboards going down instead of across and uses as few columns as possible. The idea is to make the grid thin and able to be moved to the right or left of the screen to allow easy access to windows on the screen while the grid remains displayed.
When you are in Paste Multiple mode, all functions that delete, lock, or unlock clipboards are not available unless you are showing all clipboards.

In Paste Multiple mode you can move the grid where you want it and its position will be restored the next time you enter Paste Multiple mode. With the grid displayed all the time, you may find it more convenient to have it vertically displayed with as few columns as possible so you can tuck it away on the left- or right-hand side of your screen. If this is the case, select Use Fewest Columns Possible. If you choose this, the clipboards are laid out down the columns as opposed to across the rows. When you leave Paste Multiple mode, the grid returns to its normal layout.

Drag Mode

Drag Mode (command-D) is similar to Paste Multiple Mode, in that in this mode, the grid remains displayed until you explicitly close it, it has the same options in the grid menu, and pasting clipboards works the same way if you right-click them and choose a pasting option from the resultant menu. When you enter Drag Mode, the grid menu button changes to as shown at the right. However, clicking a clipboard does not paste it, because in this mode you can drag clipboards to rearrange them in the grid or drag them into other applications to paste them.

When rearranging clipboards, if you have grouped locked clipboards you can rearrange either the locked or unlocked clipboards, but not intermix them.

You can drag a clipboard to any application that can accept the type of clipboard to paste it.

Note that although you can specify Tab After Pasting in drag mode, it applies only if you paste via right clicking, but not if you paste by dragging. When you turn this on in Drag Mode, the grid menu button changes to

Drag Mode is very useful when for pasting multiple clipboards into field entries and is more convenient than moving the cursor in between each paste in such a case.

Delete After Pasting Mode

In this mode...which applies whether you are in normal, paste multiple, or drag modes, specifies that after an unlocked clipboard is pasted (in any manner), it should be removed from the grid. If you are in this mode, a trash can appears in the grid menu, such as: , , , , or . Note that this mode also appears in the Menu Bar and can be controlled from there as well.

Using Clipboards From Menu Bar

You can optionally have Paste Master display its icon in the menu bar, as shown at the right. You can also choose to have the icon be grayscale, as shown at the right. The functions at the top of the menu are the same as in the grid menu, except for the "Clipboard Size" menu, which allows you to specify one of four different clipboard sizes:
  • Normal--1 line per text clipboard, max 30 characters wide; plain text shown; small size for images
  • Medium--up to 3 lines per text clipboard, greater width; formatted text shown; medium size for images
  • Large--up to 6 lines per text clipboard, greater width; formatted text shown; large size for images
  • Huge--all lines for text clipboard (that fit on screen), greater width; formatted text shown; huge size for images
In addition to the functions, each clipboard is listed.

Choosing the clipboard pastes it. The shortcuts that work on the grid work here as well (except that control- or right-click is not needed because each clipboard acts as a menu if you want to choose a function that way).

Pasting via this menu works in a situation when pasting via the grid does not. Certain applications that cause you to take some special action to enter input mode may cancel input mode when the grid is displayed. In this case, pasting via this menu should work because the menu does not cancel input mode. As example of this behavior, if you select a file in Finder and hit return, you enter input mode. Displaying the grid cancels input mode, but pulling down the menu does not.

Locked items will be marked with a lock symbol as in the grid on 10.5+ systems, but will be marked with a check mark on 10.4 systems (because of a Mac OS limitation).

Editing Text Clipboards

If you right-click a text clipboard and choose Edit... or choose Edit... from a clipboard under the menu bar, you will get the dialog shown at the right. Please note that editing a clipboard that has formatting will discard the formatting.

Printing Clipboards

If you right-click a text clipboard and choose Print... or choose Print... from a clipboard under the menu bar, you will be able to print the clipboard.

Locking Clipboards

As more clipboards are selected they are added to the grid up to the maximum you specify (1-99). When the maximum is reached, the oldest clipboards are thrown away. To prevent this for a particular clipboard, you can lock it. The visual difference between locked an unlocked clipboards is shown at the right. You can lock/unlock individual clipboards or unlock all of them. Note that you cannot lock all of the available clipboards because then there would be no room for new ones.

Deleting Clipboards

You can delete individual clipboards (e.g. because they contain sensitive information), or all unlocked clipboards, or all clipboards (via the grid menu or menu bar icon). Note that deleting all clipboards clears the system clipboard, which may be useful as a security measure. You can also enable a hotkey that allows you to quickly delete all unlocked clipboards. Also, you can use Delete After Pasting Mode to cause unlocked clipboards to be deleted after they are pasted. Finally, if you are in Drag Mode, dragging an unlocked clipboard to the trash deletes it.

Entering Notes

Notes are a very useful feature that allows you to capture thoughts, URLs, etc. for later use by entering them directly into a clipboard from any application. Paste Master supports a hotkey to bring up a dialog that lets you enter notes. When you type the hotkey (default command-option-/), which can be changed in the preference pane, the dialog at the right appears to allow you to enter a note. You can enter directly into any clipboard set, including one you are not currently using (you might even want to create a set just for notes), and you can specify whether you want the note to be locked or not.

Pasting Multiple Clipboards Via Hot Key

In addition to Paste Multiple Mode and Drag Mode in the grid, there is an alternative way to paste multiple clipboards. A special hot key (default command-') is specified in the Preference Pane (see below) that pastes the items in the clipboard in a last-in-first-out manner. The hot key can be used with or without the grid displayed. In other words, using the grid above as an example, the first press of this hot key would paste "word" (the last item copied), the next press would paste "two words", etc. There are three important things to note about pasting with this hot key:
  1. There is a very slight delay between pressing the hot key and the pasting of the clipboard. This is normal.
  2. As you paste and item, it goes to the end of the grid, and other unlocked items shift downward, such that each paste actually pastes the first item shown in the grid (if you were to look at it between pastes).
  3. If you have locked items that you have grouped at the beginning or end of the grid (see below), they will not be shifted via this hot key.

Pasting Into Forms

In addition to using the Paste Multiple Mode, Drag Mode, or Last-In-First-Out hotkey features to make form entry easier, you can use the special data types that Paste Master recognizes to facilitate form entry as follows:

Addresses With a typical address form like:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:


Just select an entire address like:

Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500


John Woodward
XYZ Company
123 Whatever Street
Somewhere, ST 01234

Then put your cursor in the "Name" field, display the grid, right-click the address clipboard, and choose "Paste As Address". The result will be that the address will populate the address fields.

Phone Numbers
With a typical phone number form like:
Just select a phone number like:

456-123-1234, or (456) 123-1234 or
456-123-1234 x56789

Then put your cursor in the first field, display the grid, right-click the number clipboard, and choose "Paste As Separate Fields". The result will be that the address will populate the phone number fields.

Multiple Items
With any type of form
You can use the "Create Multiple Clipboards" feature in multiple cases. If, for example, you have an address in some other format than those above in a clipboard, then choosing "Create Multiple Clipboards" will add one clipboard per line in the address. You can them paste or drag each line into the form as needed. This would be much easier than copying each line separately.

As another example, if you have numbers in a spreadsheet, you can copy a bunch of them at once then create one clipboard per number easily.


Several modifier keys and combinations provide shortcuts for choosing special functions from the menu bar or from the contextual menus in the grid. Here are the default keys and their meanings:

Control or Right-click
Displays the menu of all functions that can be performed on the clicked clipboard
Command Pastes the clicked clipboard as separate fields; ignored if clipboard was not recognized as fields or a phone number
Option Pastes the clicked clipboard as digits together; ignored if clipboard was not recognized as a phone number
Command-Option Deletes the clicked clipboard

All of these can be changed (except right-click) using the Shortcuts tab in the preference pane as described below.

Security Features

If you are concerned about having sensitive data in saved clipboards, there are several Paste Master features that allow you manage this risk:
  1. You can manually delete clipboards that are sensitive when you are done using them (using either the grid or the menu bar icon).
  2. You can specify in the Preference Pane that clipboards not be saved across restarts, or that only locked clipboards be saved.
  3. You can specify for each clipboard set that unlocked clipboards should automatically deleted after a certain amount of time (or upon restart). This allows you to have different auto delete settings for different clipboard sets. For example, you might have a special set with automatic deletion for your most sensitive information, and not automatically delete in another set.
These features can be used in various combinations.

Clipboard Sets

If you have specified that clipboards should be saved across restart, you can maintain any number of named clipboard sets, creating, deleting, or choosing which one you want to use via the grid menu or menu bar icon. Both of these menus contain a "Clipboard Sets" menu such as the one shown at the right. This menu allows you to choose which set to use ("Main" is selected at the right). You can also choose "Switch" (or more typically type command-S) to rotate through the sets displayed in the grid. Finally, you can choose "Edit..." to display this dialog that allows you to create, delete, rename, duplicate, or edit the automatic delete settings for each clipboard set:

You cannot rename or delete the "Main" set.

The popup menu in the "Auto delete unlocked clipboards..." column gives you the following options:

You can also move clipboards between sets. This is useful if you save a clipboard in the wrong set. To move a clipboard, right- or control-click it and choose the set to which you want to move the clipboard, as shown in the menu at the right.

You can also copy clipboards between sets. To copy a clipboard, right- or control-click it and choose the set to which you want to copy the clipboard, as shown in the menu at the right.

Configuring Paste Master

When you select the Paste Master preference pane in the System Preferences (it is automatically selected immediately after installation), you will see the Configure tab:

The default configuration is shown above. Any configuration changes you make take effect when you enable Paste Master, or--for changes made after it is enabled--when you leave the Preference Pane.

Saving Clipboards Across Restarts

If you choose to save your clipboards across restarts, they are normally saved unencrypted in the "Applications Support" folder in the "Library" folder in your home folder. You have the option to save all or just locked clipboards across reboots or restarts of Paste Master. If you choose to save, all of your clipboard sets will be saved.

Syncing Clipboards Across Multiple Computers Using Dropbox

If you want to be able to share your clipboards across mutiple computers, you can sync them via Dropbox. If you specify syncing, your clipboard sets and clipboards will be saved in your Dropbox folder, which Dropbox can sync to other computers. Then, on another computer, you specify Dropbox syncing, and you will be sharing the clipboard sets and clipboards across mutiple computers, enabled by Dropbox. Specifically, the contents of each clipboard set and the specification of which clipboard set is currently being used is synced.

Encrypting Clipboards

If you do sync (or even if you don't), you may want to encrypt your clipboards. If you specify this option, you will be asked to choose and confirm a password. This password will be securely stored in your keychain, so you should not have to enter it again on the same computer, but you will need it to sync to your clipboards on a different computer (where it will also be stored in the keychain).

What Happens To Pasted Clipboards

If you uncheck "Move pasted unlocked clipboard to first unlocked position", unlocked clipbosrds you paste will remain in their current position until you cut or copy a new item, which will always go into the first unlocked position shifting others up by one. Of course, this assumes that you have not specified that clipboards be deleted after pasting (you would specify this in the Grid Menu or in the (optional menu bar menu).

Where Do Locked Clipboards Go

You can cause locked clipboard to be grouped at the beginning or the end of the grid and (optional) menu bar menu.

Not Saving Large Clipboards

If you put large amounts of data in the clipboard frequently, you may find that things slow down. In this case, you may want to check the "Do not save clipboards larger than..." option. Clipboards larger than the specified size will not be saved at all. Note that:

  1. Clipboards are actually much larger than you would think. A clipboard with a single character in it could actually be thousands of bytes.
  2. Turning on this option will slow things down slightly because the size of each clipboard must be checked. But it will not slow down as much as saving many large clipboards.

How Many Clipboards To Save Per Set

The number of clipboards saved per set can be 1-99. If you set it to a number lower than the current number of saved clipboards, older saved clipboards will be deleted. However, in no case will locked clipboards be automatically deleted, nor will the last unlocked clipboard. Examples assuming that you have 5 locked clipboards and 5 unlocked clipboard saved:

  • If you set the number of saved clipboards to 8, the oldest two unlocked clipboards are deleted.
  • If you set the number of saved clipboards to 4, the oldest four unlocked clipboards are deleted (because 1 unlocked clipboard must always be left), leaving a total of 6 clipboards.
You can also specify how many clipboards should be shown in the menu, up to the number saved.

Options For Text Clipboards

You can specify that text clipboards are pasted unformatted by default.

You can specify that text clipboards are shown unformatted in the grid.

Where The Grid Displays

By default, the grid is centered on your display. If you want to control where it is displayed, check "Allow Me to position the grid". Once it is displayed, you can move it, and it will stay there, even if it changes size because you copy more clipboards. If you check "Display grid near cursor", the grid will appear near the cursor, but completely visible on one screen. This option is useful when you have multiple screens. These last two options are mutually exclusive: checking one unchecks the other.

Create Multiple Clipboards Option

When you select "Create Multiple Clipboards", by default duplicate clipboards are not saved, so if you create multiple clipboards from "1 1 2", you would get just "1" and "2" as clipboards. If instead you want all three clipboards, select "Do not eliminate duplicates with Create Multiple Clipboards".

Typing Speed For Text Clipboards

If you right-click a text clipboard, you will have the option to type it unformatted (as opposed to pasting it).  This is useful in situations where pasting has been disabled, such as in some forms on websites.

You can adjust the typing speed with the slider in the Preference Pane.

The Hotkeys tab allows you specify all hotkeys that will be recognized by Paste Master. The defaults are shown below. Clicking the buttons at the right captures the next key (with modifiers) that you type as the hotkey.

Note that each hotkey can be individually enabled.

Note that the "Copy Appending" hotkey works only if the current clipboard contains text and you are copying text. When you use this hotkey, the text in the clipboard loses any special formatting and can hence be pasted only as plain text. Copy Appending does not impact the current system clipboard, but rather the first clipboard shown in the grid or menu bar menu. Thus, to paste the accumulated clipboard, paste it from the grid or menu bar menu.

The Applications tab allows you to specify preferences for specific applications as illustrated below.

Clipboards from applications whose clipboards are to be ignored will appear in position 1 of the grid, but will not be saved after that. In other words, the next clipboard will replace them in position 1. By default, there are no applications whose clipboards are excluded. The preferences above for pasting formatted or not override the similar preference in the Configure tab when pasting into the listed application(s).

The Shortcuts tab allows you to change the default modifier keys that provide shortcuts in the clipboard grid or menu:

The Grid tab shows a reminder of the meanings of the symbols of the in the clipboards window, and the Register tab allows you to go to the web page where you can pay only $8 for a registration code and enter the code. It also allows you to go to a web page to retrieve a previously-purchased registration code given your purchase information.


Q: I am running 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. I cannot get the preference pane to install because it was not downloaded from the app store, and there is a message about an unidentified developer. What do I do now?

A: Just right-click on the preference pane and choose "Open". Then answer the dialog saying you want to open it. This will install the preference pane.

Installing Paste Master

ALWAYS make sure that System Preferences is not open when you install. To install, just double-click Paste Master.prefPane. You will be given the option to install for all users or just the current one. No matter how you install it, it must be configured for each user separately.

Uninstalling Paste Master

To uninstall Paste Master, disable it in the preference pane then remove the preference pane from System Preferences by right-clicking it and selecting "Remove".

Macintosh Requirements

Paste Master is a Cocoa (MacOS X only) application. It runs on 10.5+, including Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8). Universal Binary.

Version 6.71 is still available for 10.4 users.

It is required that the keyboard shortcut on your system to paste is command-v, the common default.


As of version 8.4, Paste Master uses a modified version of ShortcutRecorder to allow for the specification of Hotkeys.

Copyright (c) 2006-2009, contributors to ShortcutRecorder. (See the contributors listed in detail later in the file, or see

All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
  • Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
  • The name of the contributors may not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.

Contributors to Shortcut Recorder, in no order in particular:
Jesper, waffle software, <>. Initial idea and concept, first shot at implementation using NSView.
David Dauer, <>. Refinement, cleaner reimplementation, documentation, IB Palette.
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Kirk Consulting Ltd, <>. Further modularisation and re-factoring, and general bug fixes.
ShortcutRecorder uses CTGradient, Copyright (c) 2005, Chad Weider.
Some rights reserved:
For more information, visit

Version History

11.7 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added the ability to type text clipboards as unformatted text (instead of pasting).  Useful when a web page disables pasting in a field.
  • Names and registration codes can now be entered with leading or trailing blanks.
  • Improved debugging information prepared for "Email The Author".
  • Improved syncing clipboards.

11.6 - Not released.

11.5 - Feature enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation update:

  • Shortcuts now work when pasting from the grid by typing 1-9.
  • Improved recovery when the file used to save the user's preferences gets corrupted because of a disk error.
  • Fixed a bug with the use of shortcuts with menu bar menu items.
  • Fixed a bug when there is no shortcut for displaying the menu for a grid item.
  • Fixed a bug with the specification of maximum clipboard size to save.
  • Updated to the documentation to clarify that clipboards can be rearranged by dragging in the grid only when all clipboards are displayed.

11.4 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added the option print a clipboard.
  • Added a shortcut to print a clipboard.
  • Clarified preference pane instructions.

11.2/11.3 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added the option to use a more modern black icon in the menu bar.
  • Clarified preference pane instructions.
  • Added more debugging info to the "Email The Author" function.

11.0 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added the ability to copy clipboards between sets.
  • Relocated the "Email The Author" button in the preference pane.
  • Improved the debugging information provided by "Email The Author".
  • Further improved compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 & 10.11+.
  • Restored the ability to have clipboards not saved across restarts.
  • Fixed a bug in hotkey specification.
  • Fixed a bug in update mechanism.

10.0 - Major feature enhancement:

  • Clipboard sets and clipboards can now be synchronized via Dropbox and shared across multiple computers.
  • Clipboard sets and clipboards can now be encrypted when stored on disk.
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 & 10.11+.

9.8 - Further refined the recognition of URLs in clipboards.

9.7 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Added support for recognizing and going to more types of URLs.
  • Fixed bug in use of shortcuts to delete URL clipboards.

9.6 - Fixed bug in 9.5 that effected the grid menu.

9.5 - Feature enhancement and bug fixes:

  • Added the ability to move clipboards between clipboard sets
  • Fixed bug in grouping locked clipboards when switching clipboard sets.
  • Fixed bug with editing clipboards.

9.4 - Feature update:

  • Clipboards produced by additional automatic typing utilities are now ignored (including 1Password).

9.3 - Feature update:

  • Added option -- for the Create Multiple Clipboards function -- to not eliminate duplicate clipboards.

9.2 - Feature update:

  • Improved handling of clipboards that contain headers.
  • Removed support for .pvr clipboard contents.
  • Updates to improve compatibility with forthcoming Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) release.

9.1 - Not released.

9.0 - Feature update:

Added to ability to create multiple clipboards from multi-item (multi-line or separated by tabs) clipboards for easier pasting or dragging.

8.9 - Feature enhancement:

Clipboards whose contents cannot be displayed as text or an image are now denoted with the appliucation that created them, as <<ApplicationName Clipboard>>.

8.8 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added mode to have saved clipboards deleted after they are pasted.
  • In drag mode, dragging a clipboard to the trash now deletes it.
  • Bug fixes.

8.7 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Improved checking for updates with new Updates tab in Preference Pane.
  • Moved the checkbox to automaticaly check for updates to the new Updates tab.
  • Fixed bug in entering notes.

8.6 - Reduced the amount of disk space used for saved clipboards.

8.5 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added hotkey to paste the current clipboard unformatted (if a text clipboard).
  • Added help within the preference pane.
  • Fixed bug with use of "Use Fewest Columns Possible".
  • Fixed bug with "Paste as Tiny URL" not restoring the actual clipboard after pasting.
  • Fixed bug with "Paste as Tiny URL" not working when you have proxied internet access.

8.4 - Feature enhancements:

  • Hotkeys are now specified in a different manner that allows function keys, arrow keys, etc. to be hotkeys.
  • Updated the icon that appears in System Preferences for retina displays.

8.3- Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added preference to display grid where the cursor is located.
  • Added debugging info to email body when "Email the Author" is clicked.
  • Fixed bug occurring when all clipboards are locked and grouped at start.
  • Eliminated even more clipboard duplication.
8.2 - Enhancements and bug fix:
  • Improved performance when copying small images.
  • Updated the menu bar icon for retina displays.
  • Improved help available in the preference pane.
  • Fixed bug causing duplication of some clipboards.

8.1 - Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash caused by other applications creating mal-formed clipboards (these are now ignored).
  • Restored yellow background to clipboard displayed by hovering over them in the grid.
  • Fixed other miscellaneous bugs.

8.0 - Feature update and bug fixes:

  • Added "Drag Mode" to the grid, allowing clipboards to be: 1) rearranged in the grid by dragging them; and 2) dragged directly into specific locations in other applications to "paste" in that location.
  • Corrected indication of current "Show only..." item in grid menu while in Paste Multiple or Drag modes.
  • Fixed bug creating new clipboard sets.
  • Fixed rare crash when reading large or corrupt clipboards.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.

7.91 - Fixed bug occurring when all clipboards are locked.

7.9 - Feature updates and bug fix:

  • Preference Pane reorganized to put all hotkeys in a single tab, replacing the "Append Copy" tab.
  • Improved error checking in the Preference Pane.
  • Each hotkey can now be individually enabled.
  • Added hotkey to delete all unlocked clipboards in the current set.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.

7.8 - Compatibility updates:

  • Clipboards produced by automatic typing utilities (like TextExpander, Butler, TypeIt4Me, Typinator, Keyboard Maestro, etc.) are ignored.
  • Text clipboards of 0 length are ignored (1Password does this to clear the clipboard).

7.71 - Fixed bug (in 7.7) occurring when clipboards are not saved across restarts.

7.7 - Feature and documentation enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Grid title is now name of clipboard set, or "Clipboards" if you have only one set.
  • Application-specific preferences were improved.
  • Optional help information that displays below grid now contains instructions on grid usage.
  • A help screen is shown the first time Paste Master is run.
  • Reorganized documentation and added table of contents.
  • Fixed bugs in renaming sets.

7.6 - Feature enhancement:

  • Improved grid search functionality.

7.5 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added "Check For Updates" button to preference pane.

7.4 - Feature and performance enhancements:

  • Added ability to specify default text pasting (formatted or not) on a per-application basis.
  • Improved support for very large clipboards (such as huge images).
  • Improved performance (especially if saving clipboards between restarts).

7.3 - Compatibility enhancements:

  • Improved Preference Pane user interaction on Lion (10.7).
  • Fixed problem with Paste Master not running after restart on Mountain Lion (10.8).

7.2 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Added the ability switch among multiple clipboard sets by typing command-s when the grid is displayed.
  • Fixed bug in editing clipboards when user has positioned the grid.

7.1 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added the ability to edit saved text clipboards.

7.0 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added new security feature: the ability to specify, on a per-clipboard sets basis, that unlocked clipboards should be automatically deleted after some period of time or upon restart.
6.91 - Bug fixes:
  • Improved .plist bug workaround.
  • Restored compatibility with Word 2004 clipboards.
  • Fixed user interface glitch in the edit clipboard sets dialog.

6.9 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Reorganized preference pane for improved clarity.
  • Worked around bug in Mac OS 10.6 that leaves zero-length .plist files in Library/Preferences.

6.82 - Bug fix:

  • Fixed crash experience by some users of Version 6.8.

6.8 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Added support for clipboards that contain both image and text representations (such as images from Safari web pages and Finder items).
  • Fixed a bug whereby images would not paste when "Paste text clipboards as unformatted by default" is checked.
  • Support for 10.4 dropped as of this release.

6.7 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added ability to enter notes directly into clipboards for later use.

6.61 - Bug fix:

  • Fixed bug in using menu bar menu introduced in 6.1.

6.6 - Feature enhancements:

  • Grid menu and menu bar menu reorganized for compactness and consistency.
  • Clipboard sets and general configuration items now available from the menu bar menu.
  • Improved and corrected documentation.

6.5 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added option to paste URLs as a TinyURL if you are connected to the web when you paste.
  • Added shortcut for pasting as a TinyURL.
  • The option to go to a URL appears only if you are connected to the web.

6.4 - Feature enhancements:

  • The grid position in Paste Multiple mode, is now remembered independent of the grid position in normal mode.
  • The grid in Paste Multiple mode can now be displayed using the fewest number of columns possible, with the clipboards being filled in vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Added warning about deleting saved clipboards if you turn off saving across restart.

6.3 - Feature enhancement and bug fixes:

  • Grid item backgrounds now track cursor over grid--the item you are pointing at turns light blue.
  • Improved search function--you must now hit return in the search field.
  • Fixed bug in pasteboard changes not being saved across restarts in rare cases.

6.2 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added support for recognition of URLs in clipboards and the ability to go a URL in your default browser via the grid or the menu bar.

6.1 - Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in registration system with names containing Latin characters.
  • Fixed misspelling in grid shortcut help.

6.0 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added support for multiple, named, sets of clipboards (see the grid menu).

5.6 - Feature enhancement and bug fixes:

  • Many configuration settings from Preference Pane were duplicated in the grid menu for more convenient access.
  • Fixed bugs in paste modifiers and grid help information.

5.5 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added ability to specify a shortcut for Paste As Address.

5.4 - Feature enhancement:

  • Improved help about click modifiers (shortcuts) at the bottom of the grid.

5.3 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added option (via the grid menu) to display help about click modifiers (shortcuts) below the clipboards in the grid.
  • Added "Lock Grid" to the "Paste Multiple" item in the grid menu to clarify its purpose.

5.2 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added option to not save clipboards over a specified size.

5.1 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added option to group locked items at the beginning of the grid and menu bar menu.

5.0 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added support for recognition of addresses in clipboards and special pasting of addresses into form fields.
  • Added ability to specify one of four clipboard sizes in the menu bar menu.
  • The paste text clipboards unformatted by default option now applies to clipboards pasted with the paste last-in-first-out hotkey.

4.91 - Bug fix

  • Restored "Paste As Is" function when text clipboards are pasted unformatted by default.

4.9 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added preference to specify that text clipboards should be pasted unformatted by default.

4.8 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added preference to allow you to specify that only locked clipboards should be saved across restarts.

4.7 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added option to specify a hotkey to copy the selected text and append it to the current clipboard.
  • If you have asked that clipboards be saved, they are now saved every hour in case your system hangs.

4.6 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added ability (via grid menu) to choose among four grid sizes.
  • Grid position is saved across restart if "Allow me to position grid the grid" is selected.
  • Fixed bug in saving grid position when grid is displayed from the menu bar menu.
  • Fixed bug with pasting last-in-first-out.

4.5 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added preference to allow you to determine where the grid is positioned when displayed.

4.4 - Feature enhancement and documentation updated:

  • Made menu bar icon highlight when clicked.
  • Updated "Clipboard Grid" tab to reflect correct contextual menu.

4.3 - Feature enhancement:

  • Simplified grid contextual menu and menu bar menus by removing submenus.

4.2 - Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash with small number of clipboards in multiple-paste mode.
  • Fixed display glitch when deleting unlocked clipboards.

4.1 - Fixed rarely-occurring glitch in pasting fields together.

4.0 - Feature enhancements and typo fix:

  • Added new pulldown menu in the clipboard grid that allows pasting, deleting, and unlocking multiple clipboards.
  • Added ability to paste multiple saved clipboards in a last-in-first-out order using a new hotkey specified in the Preference Pane.
  • Removed deleting and unlocking multiple clipboard options from the contextual menus of each clipboard in the grid.
  • Added the option to unlock all clipboards to the menu bar icon.
  • Reorganized Preference Pane configuration panel to add the new hotkey.
  • Fixed typo in Preference Pane shortcuts panel.

3.8 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added ability to specify the maximum number of clipboards that should be displayed in the menu.
  • Reorganized Preference Pane.

3.7 - Feature enhancement and documentation update:

  • Added option to display menu bar icon as grayscale.
  • Fixed typo in Preference Pane documentation.

3.6 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Added button to Register tab to retrieve previously-purchased registration code.
  • Fixed bug with reducing the number of saved clipboards below the current number saved.

3.5 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added ability to specify keys that appear twice on keyboard (such as 0-9) as the hotkey and have both keys function as the hotkey.
  • Added button in Preference Pane to email the author.

3.4 - Updates:

  • Updated look of the clipboard grid, using solid gray lines instead of dotted lines.
  • Improved hover help for grids items.

3.3 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added ability to paste recognized fields together (e.g., 345FD-89 as 345FD89).

3.2 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added "Exclusions" tab to preference pane to allow you to specify applications whose clipboards should not be saved.

3.1 - Feature enhancements and typo fix:

  • Broadened specification of what is recognized as a number to accommodate non-US phone number formats.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed typo in Preference Pane.

3.0 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Added search field to clipboards grid.
  • Fixed problem with pasting clipboards from Microsoft Office and other applications that produce clipboards in uncommon ways.

2.91 - Fixed bug in menu on 10.3 systems.

2.9 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added "Delete Unlocked Clipboards" to menu.
  • Improved performance for large clipboard sets.

2.81 - Fixed obscure bug in setting hot key.

2.8 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added support for Dvorak keyboard layout.
  • Added shift modifier as an option for the hotkey.
  • Added option to confirm deletions of all clipboard or unlocked clipboards to prevent accidental deletion.
  • Reorganized Configure tab of Preference Pane.

2.7 - Feature enhancement:

  • Changed Shortcuts tab to allow custom specification of modifier keys for all functions that can be specified via the clipboard grid or menu.

2.6 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added preference to keep all locked clipboards grouped at the end of the grid and menu.

2.5 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • More of a text item is now shown when you hover the mouse over them item in the grid.
  • Image items are now shown larger (if possible) when you hover the mouse over the item in the grid.
  • Images in the grid are now scaled down to fit in 10.6.
  • Many memory leaks fixed.

2.4 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added a warning in the preference pane that configuration changes take effect when Paste Master is re-enabled or System Preferences is quit.
  • Improved support for non-standard clipboard types.

2.3 - Corrupted release.

2.2 - Feature enhancements and bug fix:

  • Added the option to display an icon in the menu bar to allow for Paste Master control and pasting, as an alternative to the grid view.
  • The escape key now dismisses the clipboards grid.
  • Right-clicking a clipboard in the grid now displays the menu, like a control-click.
  • Fixed bug in entering registration code.

2.1 - Feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added the option to display all text in clipboard grid unformatted.
  • Clipboard grid width is now limited by main screen width.
  • Empty grid cells now have a darker background to visually distinguish them.
  • Worked around buggy clipboard produced by Mail.
  • Fixed bug in clipboard type display and empty grid cell display.
  • Fixed bug in shrinking some image clipboards to fit in grid cell.

2.0 - Feature and compatibility enhancements and bug fix:

  • Added the ability save clipboards across restarts.
  • Added the ability to lock individual clipboards so they are not discarded as new items are placed in the clipboard (and the ability to unlock).
  • Added the option to paste text without its formatting.
  • Added the option to automatically check for updates.
  • Clipboards now displayed in the grid as formatted text.
  • Added hover help to the Configure tab of the preference pane.
  • Limited the display of clipboard items hovered over to 1000 characters.
  • Reorganized the help information in the preference pane.
  • Preference pane now loads as 64 bit on 10.6--no annoying relaunch of System Preferences (10.4+ version only).
  • Fixed bug when "Moved pasted clipboards to position 1" is unchecked.

1.1 - Feature and compatibility enhancements:

  • Added the ability to delete individual or ALL saved clipboards.
  • Reformatted preference pane for improved display on 10.4.
  • Added support for 10.3.

1.0 - Initial release.

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