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Version 3.2

October 21, 2016


Macintosh Requirements


Version History

Purchasing PW Master

Price: $10; FREE for registered
Records Master users

PW Master is a secure (AES-256 encryption) password manager that allows you to save user IDs, passwords and other sensitive information (such as social security numbers), optionally associate them with website URLs, and facilitate logging into websites.

Websites are constantly improving their security and, frankly, trying to defeat automatic user ID and password entry functions built into browsers. Therefore PW Master supports many options for user ID and password entry.

PW Master incorporates several advanced features not commonly found in other password managers, including:

  • the ability to specify two-part user IDs that must be entered into two fields on the web page,
  • the ability to automatically enter the password on a different page than the User ID,
  • support for passwords that must be entered by clicking on the screen (e.g. with an on-screen numeric pad), and
  • the ability to associate a different browser with each website (if the site works properly only with a particular browser).

Also, PW Master is designed to use files that are synchronized across different machines (for example via DropBox).

Complete documentation for PW Master is available as help within the application.

Macintosh Requirements

PW Master runs on MacOS 10.4+. Universal Binary.


Q: I am running 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. I cannot get your program to run because it was not downloaded from the app store. What do I do now?

A: Just right-click on the program and choose "Open". Then answer the dialog saying you want to open the application. This will run the program and allow you to run it in the future just by double-clicking it.

Version History

3.2 - Fixed bug occurring when more than one database is open.

3.1 - Feature enhancements:

  • The ability to type (vice paste) is now an option in the preferences, along with the typing speed.
  • Added debugging info to the "Email the Author" function.

3.0 - Feature enhancement:

  • UserIDs and passwords are now TYPED when their hotkey is entered, rather than being PASTED.  This has 2 advantages: 1) this method works in websites that suppress pasting into fields and 2) it does not leave potentially sensitive data (e.g. a password) in the clipboard.

2.81 - Fixed repeating upgrade prompt.

2.8 - Feature enhancements:

  • Increased the maximum length of generated passwords to 32.

2.71 - Fixed bug in entering registration code.

2.7 - Feature enhancements:

  • Generated passwords no longer contain the letters IOU or the special character | to avoid confusion with other letters or numbers.
  • Rewrote and improved drag-and-drop of entries between Records Master (version 10.1+) and PW Master (version 2.7+).

2.6 - Updated Automatic Login Warning.

2.5 - Feature enhancements and bug fix:

  • Greatly improved generate password feature.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed a bug in changing file password.

2.4 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added preference to re-prompt for password after a specified time period.
  • Added help buttons throughout the user interface.
  • Improved help viewer.

2.3 - Feature enhancements:

  • Added preference for re-promptng for password when PW Master is brought forward.
  • Clarified the meaning of the "Save File Password In Keychain" under the "File" menu.

2.2 - Fixed bug in saving notes.

2.1 - Performance improvement and bug fixes.

  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed bug in saving notes.
  • Fixed bug in Recent Websites menu.
  • Fixed bug in delete confirmation preference.

2.0 - Name change, feature enhancements, bug fix:

  • Changed name of application from "Password Master" to "PW Master" to avoid confusion with an old application named "PasswordMasterX" (no space) written by Railhead Design.
  • Modernized icon for retina displays.
  • Improved encryption.
  • When files are opened, converts file format to be compatible with forthcoming version of PW Master for the iPad.
  • Added a preference to require confirmation of deletes.
  • Improved handling of conflicts for files synced by Dropbox (between Macs or the iPad app).
  • Notes are now scrollable.
  • Fixed a bug with handling recent websites.

1.9 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added the ability to change the password of a password file.

1.8 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added support for password files that are read-only (such as on a CD or write-protected USB drive or network drive).

1.7 - Feature enhancement:

  • Increased the maximum length of a generated password to 24.

1.6 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added support for password files that are synchronized across different machines (for example via DropBox),

1.5 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added the ability to export password entries to a comma-seperated values (.csv) file.

1.4 - Feature enhancement:

  • Added the ability to drag and drop entries between PW Master and Records Master (9.2+).

1.3 - Feature enhancement and bug fix:

  • Added the ability drag and drop entries between password files.
  • Fixed bug in searching entry fields other than name.

1.2 - Feature enhancements and bug fix:

  • Information in an entry is now optionally displayed when you hover it. (Specify this in the preferences).
  • Further enhanced import function error checking.
  • Dropped support for importing data with fields separated by multiple blanks.
  • Fixed bug in creating databases (introduced in 1.1).

1.1 - Feature enhancements:

  • Under the file menu, you can now specify that the file's password should be saved in the keychain.
  • Enhanced the handling of badly or inconsistently formatted import data.
1.0 - Initial Release.

Purchasing PW Master

Note: PW Master incorporates the password and website management features already incorporated into Records Master, thus PW Master is FREE to registered Records Master users. It will automatically be registered on a machine with Records Master registered.

PW Master is shareware. You can try it out for 30 days, but if you still use it thereafter, you must register it. The price is very reasonable--$10. After 30 days, PW Master will not work unless you have registered it.

Registration includes future updates.

To purchase PW Master, click here, or select Registration... under the PW Master Menu, and click on the Purchase Registration Code button. You will be taken to a web site where you can choose among the above options, then to a payment web site where you can pay by credit card. Once you have paid, you will receive a registration code via email. You can enter this code into PW Master Registration... dialog.

PW Master Copyright © 2011-2016 John Woodward. All rights reserved.

You may distribute PW Master unmodified via any media, as long as you keep it together with its Read Me file.

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